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This InDesign course teaches you the basics of the application InDesign CS5. This is a page layout program, also called a desktop publishing program. You acquire InDesign skills by working your way through parts 1 to 3 of the course, each of which offers you a coherent set of instructions and demonstrations, which you are to carry out in the InDesign program. Part 4 of this course aims at giving you an understanding of the place of InDesign in Electronic PrePress (EPP) as a part of modern publishing practice.

To follow the course, you need to have access to a PC provided with an internet connection and an installed version of InDesign CS5. These conditions are met in the computer labs of the Leiden Arts faculty (Lipsius-126a). NB: To have access to InDesign you must be a registered student of one of the relevant courses offered by the Department of Book and Digital Media Studies or Boek, boekhandel en uitgeverij. To complete the course, you need to do the assignment which you can find at the end of this course, as well as a formal 1.5-hour examination, which involves the creation of a small InDesign publication. During the exam you are not allowed to use this hypertext course. For students not enrolled in a Boekwetenschap course, the examination must be arranged with the course organiser.

If you come across any unfamiliar terms or functions, you can turn to the Index for help. This link also apears in the menu to the left.