This is the Macintosh version of this document.

Using InDesign CS5, design a leaflet advertising Book and Digital Media Studies of the University of Leiden. After you have finished your publication, please mail it to the course organiser. The file name should be your surname followed by the word "leaflet". A sample text which you may import and layout is included on this website:

click here to download the file "flyertextdutch.rtf"

You are free to make any emendations to the text which you think necessary. Official Book and Digital Media Studies information can be found on the Book and Digital Media Studies internet site.

Minimum specifications
Because the leaflet will be printed in a large print run, the format has to be simple: just a basic A4-size sheet folded into three equal pages, but printed on both sides.

  • A4 size paper
  • orientation: Wide ("landscape")
  • margins (in mm): left 11; right 11; top 11; bottom 11
  • three text columns per side

Otherwise, use your imagination.

Minimum requirements
You are required to create/use at least the following:

  • a front cover
  • a three-column layout
  • at least two subheadings
  • at least one illustration (which may be represented as an empty box) with a caption

You may also use the Academic Press logo, but only in such a way as to make sense.


Final Indesign test

This assignment is not yet the final part of the Indesign course. In fact, the course is concluded with a Indesign test in the Macintosh computer room (as part of the Apparaat Boekwetenschap course), which may contain more theoretical Indesign questions. During the test you are not allowed to use this hypertext course.