Essay about research project



Describe the design and the main findings of your individual research project. Your essay should answer the following questions

1.  What was your research question?

2. How have you acquired your data?

If possible, answer the following questions:

  • Which edition was digitised precisely? Does this specific edition have authority, or any historical importance?
  • Which organisation has digitised the text? Does this organisation have sufficient expertise in digitisation projects? Which measures have been taken to avoid errors?
  • Has the digitised text been appraised or checked? Did the digitisation process introduce changes to the text? If yes, have this editorial interventions been documented accurately?
  • Which organisation has published these sources?

3. How have you analysed your texts?

The Perl applications and the R scripts that have been made available during the DTDP course hopefully enable you to investigate your central research question.

  • The Perl applications that have been discussed can simply be cited by mentioning the name of the script, and the URL from which you have downloaded the script. The aim of the citation is to enable others to replicate your analyses. If you have made changes to the code, clearly explain what you have changed and why you have made these changes.
  • Perform specific analyses only if these can genuinely help you to answer your central research question. All analyses need to be accompanied by clear explanations of their relevance.
  • Have you corrected the absolute counts of the programs in any way, to ensure, for instance, that texts of different lengths can be compared more fairly? Have you filtered the data in any way (e.g. by working with a list of stopwords)?

4. Data interpretation

Which conclusions can be drawn from your analyses? What do the results of your analyses reveal about the texts in your corpus? Are these findings relevant in the light of your research interest?

To get an impression of the ways in which the results of your practical experiments may be reported, you may consult a number of essays which written by students in previous years.


Maximum word length: 2000 words.