Week 1

Main topics: Variables, Operators, Selection (if, elif, else), and String methods

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On getting started with Python on Windows:

The .bat file which you can download from the course syllabus ( at http://bookandbyte.org/Dtdp/Old/openPrompt.bat ) makes the process of opening your DTDP working directory in the Command Prompt easier.

The file which is online assumes that the directory is on the path “P:/My Documents/DTDP”

On your own computer at home, your files are probably on a different location. in this case, you need to supply the full path to this working directory in the .bat file. You can find the path by opening Windows Explorer and by right-clicking on the path that is mentioned at the top (choosing the option “Copy path …”). The path can now be copied on the location in the .bat file indicated by the square brackets:

cmd.exe /K “[Full Path to the DTDP folder]:”

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