Group Assignment – XSLT

Group project

 Download the zipped folder The files in this folder contain metadata, exported from the Short Title Catalogue of the Netherland. The records are encoded using the MODS metadata standard. The STCN is a valuable source of information for research on these publishers. In this seminar, you will explore this type of data-driven digital humanities research.

For each book, you can find information about authors, the full title, the date of publication, the subjects, the language of the publication. Using this information, you can try to answer a number of questions about the history of publishing companies:

  • The company through time: during which decades was the company most active? When did the company publish most books, and when fewest? Can we see a pattern?
  • About which subjects did the company publish books? Is there perhaps a historical development visible in the diversity of the subjects?
  • In which languages did the company publish books? Were the titles mainly in Dutch, or were there also titles in other languages? Is there a pattern?
  • Which authors have published most titles with the company? Is there something which strikes you when you when you compare the total number of titles to the total number of unique authors?
  • In which formats did the company publish books?

The questions above are only meant get you started; if you want to focus on other questions, this is of course encouraged. Try to conduct research on the MODS data, for which you will inevitably need an XSLT, to produce results.

You can create visualisations (line charts and bar charts) of the quantitative data that you produce using the stylesheets lineChart.xsl and barChart.xsl. If you have time, you could also think of aternative ways modifying the results into attractive presentations. Use any (digital or live) tool you need, such as MS Office (Word, Excel, Access), Oxygen, the Bookandbyte server, and/or the whiteboard.

Of course, you may want to divide tasks among group members.


Team 1
Katya Dmitrieva, Lotte Oudejans, Lotte Savelsberg, Kim van Toorn

  • Paets Jacobszoon, Jan
  • Blaeu, Joan (I)
  • Allart, Johannes


Team 2
Linda Boutellier, Natalie Hoage, Cornalijn Meinders, Gerline Sonneveld

  • Wolfgang, Abraham
  • Aa, Pieter van der (I)


Team 3
Marjorie Heijselaar, Emily Klerks, Amber Malik,Sophie Stelzig

  • Halma, François
  • Paddenburg, Abraham van


Team 4
Anne van Engelen, Oskar Knötschke, Athina Papadopoulou, Helène Pannekoek

  • Janssonius, Johannes
  • Lescaille, Jacob
  • Lescaille, Jacob (erven)


Team 5
Mariska Elst, Joery Kragten, Leneth Witte, On Ki Yip

  • Elzevier, Lowijs (III)
  • Elzevier, Abraham (II)
  • Elzevier, Daniel


Team 6
Lisette Grimmius, Eva de Jonge, Pleuni van Laarhoven, Bob Schofield

  • Luchtmans, Samuel (II)
  • Luchtmans, Samuel (I)
  • Luchtmans, Johannes


Team 7
Rowy van Dijk, Manuel Llano, Lolita Sahakjan, Rianne Mense

  • Elzevier, Abraham (I)
  • Elzevier, Bonaventura