Digital Media Technology 2014-2015

Introductory HTML-exercise week 1 (9 September)

Make a web page on which you introduce yourself to your fellow classmates and the BDMS-staff.

  1. Read "HTML and CSS Tutorial", sections 1-4.
  2. Write a brief curriculum vitae and save it as a website, in a file named 'cv.html' in your personal folder on the Bookandbyte-server.
    Structure your text by using headings and paragraphs. Also include a hyperlink reference to the university where you completed your undergraduate study.
  3. Read "HTML and CSS Tutorial", section 5. Include a personal photo on your webpage. Name the image 'me.jpg' and store it in your folder on the server. Please note: this photo will be used on the Class of 2014-2015-Faces page.
  4. Read section 7 of "HTML and CSS Tutorial", and create a bulleted list of all the languages that you master.
  5. Read section 8 of "HTML and CSS Tutorial". Create a table with two rows and two columns. The first column of the first row should contain the words Prior Knowledge. Use the attribute "width" with the value "20%" in the opening <td> tag. In the second column of the first row, write a brief text in which you characterise the current state of your technical skills. On the second row, the first column must contain the word Expectations. The right hand column should contain a short text in which you describe what you expect to learn during the "Digital Media Technology" course.
  6. Read the last two sections, erroneously both numbered 9, of "HTML and CSS Tutorial".
  7. Format your text as follows: The preferred font families are Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, sans-serif. All h1 heading must be given in the color #000066. The size of the text in paragraphs must be set to 80%. Hyperlinks that have not yet been visited must have the colour #003366, and should not be underlined. Links only need to be underlined when the mouse hovers over the link text. Visited links must appear in the colour #660066.