Leiden, where my dream comes true!

My name is Meg Zhao and I come from Beijing. Three years ago, I stopped working in National Library of China and moved to the Hague as a family, because my husband started working in the Chinese Embassy. At that time, my elder son was three years old. Now he is 6 and his hobby is making his own handwritten books. Two years ago, I had my second child and started to think that I should do something for my self. I searched and found this amazing program which I still believe that it is just for me! But It's not easy when a two kids' mom want to be a full time student. I will do my best.

Education Backgrounds

Language Skills

Working Experience

Prior Knowledge Familiar with acquistion procedure; Basic knowledge about cataloguing, academic publishing procedure.
Expectations I would like to learn anything about cultual heritage database.How can we build it in a user friendly way? And I would learn anything about open access