Riënne van Wingerden

Riënne van Wingerden

About me

Hi! My name is Riënne, I'm 22 years old and I live in Breda. I have two cats, named Charlie and Sammy, and if you're following the MA with me, I might occasionally shove a picture of them in your face. I love books, obviously, walking, cooking and playing the piano. I currently work at a company called Medieval Catering, where I'm in charge of historical research and textual management.

I went to the Theater highschool in Rotterdam, after which I followed the BA History programme here at the University of Leiden. I specialized in the Dutch Revolt under the guidance of Prof. Dr. J.S. Pollmann. This programme provided me with the opportunity to work with primary sources and working in archives. Coming in contact with original copies from the National Archive in the Hague and the Special Collections from the University Leiden, feeling and smelling the old paper gave me a sort of academic thrill. Besides working with material books and text, I am also interested in saving texts for future generations and making them accessable for a wider public by, for example, digitalizing them. Originally, I wanted to follow the Book Studies Minor, but unfortunately all the places were taken at that time. I therefore followed the Religion in the World minor, which sparked my interest for Islam and the Middle East, something I hope I can futher develop by studying manuscript from that period of time.


Prior knowledge I'm somewhat of a computer illiterate, so I'm very proud that I've been able to put this text in a table at all. I did, however, help develop the database Boeqt, but more from a textual perspective. Concerning Book Studies: in my BA I've worked with old texts, printed and handwritten, and learned to interpret them. I hope this knowledge will help me in this MA programme.
Expectations Even though I've never been able to work with computers on a sophisticated level, I expect to have a lot of fun in this course. Let's just say, there's enough for me to learn. In the MA I'd just like to find out as much about texts and media as I possibly can.