Sam de Vries, an Academic Curriculum Vitae

Sam de Vries

Hello and welcome to this page. This website is a demonstration of my development in the art of writing code, specifically HTML. Bear with me if this page looks a bit wonky. Any abnormalities might be a sign that my natural quirkyness has found a way to shine through the HTML-code, but more likely it will signal my status as a beginner in the field of writing code.

I invite you to read something about me and my academic endevours below. Enjoy!

NB: The cat in the picture is my housemate's and her name is Grace.

Essential information

Born: 14 December 1992

Hometown: Delft

BA Diploma: English Language and Culture at Leiden University

Languages: I am a proficient in the languages listed here:

Academic Exploration

From September 2013 until January 2017 I have studied Engilsh Language and Culture at Leiden University. My love for English started with the Harry Potter-books and expanded to the counttry of Great Britain after my parents took me on holiday there. Then Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice came on my path and I knew for sure that this was a culture, a language, and a country I needed to submerge myself in and study extensively. So I did.

In studying the English Language and Culture BA track I learned that it were not only Elizabeth Bennet and Harry Potter who held my entousiasm. I got to know Beowulf and the fantastic language in which it was written: Old English. Shakespeare, obviously, joined our club and the Brönte sisters, the list goes on and on - if you want to know more feel free to ask me about it.

As of September 2017 I am getting my masters-degree in Book and Digital Media Studies. When writing this, the first week of classes has just passed and so far I am very positive about the entire course. I am looking forward to the rest of this semester and the next one. I applied for this master-programme to learn more about books in general and because text publishing is something I am interested in. I find it intruiging how humans have invented something with which they were and are able to cummunicate through space and time. I find it similarily fascinating how humans have kept developing this skill to the point where I am now: writing text in a markup language on a plastic and aluminum machine filled with chips and elektronics that I don't know the name of so that someone with a similar machine might read it.

These technical developments, knowlegde about the book, about text in general, and what the societal influences of these are is what I expect to learn about during the BDMS MA-programme, and I am very excited to do so.

A Table of my Technical Skills

Prior Knowledge I know my way around my technical devices, but my knowledge is mostly about the "front office" rather than the "back office". This occasion - building this site - is the first time that I have had to write some code.
Expectations During Digital Media Technology I expect to learn some practical skills invloving digital text. I expect an introduction to more advanced textual editing - more advanced than handling text in programmes like Microsoft Word: resulting in a, hopefully, more professional looking product.