Who am I?

My name is Elena Truan Aguirre, and I am 24 years old. I was born Madrid, Spain, although I am proud to say that my family is actually from the beautiful Asturias, north of the country. I studied English at the Universidad Complutense in Madrid,( See the UCM website for English Studies) with a year abroad in Cambridge University. I followed the literature track rather than the linguistics one. My two passions are Shakespeare and Jane Austen. I also did an online course on Jane Austen with Oxford University. My TFG (end-of-degree dissertation) was "Truth universally Acknowledged - Translatibility of Pride and Prejudice to 21st-century Social Contexts: The roots of Jane Austen's Success." In it, I explore how a classic such as this can be translated to the 21st century without losing its main message, and how this is done through new media such as a web series on Youtube.

I am the president and founder of the Jane Austen Society Spain, which is one of my main motivations to go further in my study of the diffusion of culture: in my degree, I studied the content, and now I want to study the media, and how literature, and culture in general, reaches readers, especially young people. With the Jane Austen Society, I have organised many contests, online book clubs, social events, and academic conferences, and I am in constant contact with our followers through the social media. I also coordinate and manage our blog and our website


I mainly speak three languages:

Prior Knowledge I haven't got much experience with technology, except the basic user knowledge, and my experience writing the blog for the Jane Austen Society, as well as adding content to our webpage, which is operated by WordPress.
Expectations I expect to gain a better knowledge of media technologies, so that it allows me to work easily with them in the future. I would also like to know more about digital media to continue studying the impact of Youtube in young audiences through webseries of classic literature adaptations

Random facts about me