Curriculum Vitae: Jacqueline Schaepman


My reason for choosing the Master Programme "Book and Digital Media Studies

After looking at many different media and technology master programmes in the Netherlands, some more focussed on new media, others on 'traditional' media, I came to the conclusion that this programme fit my wishes the best. I believe this programme provides a great comnbination of new and traditional media as well as the possibility of combining two of my favorite things: books and digital media. I expect to be able to discuss topics that I find interesting such as free access of information (which has been expertly portrayed in the 2014 documentary The Internet's Own Boy), as well as discussions about the presumed decline of the physical book.

Previous Education and languages

Most recently, I have earned my Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Sociology at Leiden University. During my Bachelor's degree, I have finished three minors: "Gender in Society", "Translating EN - NL and NL - EN" and "Book, Bookstore and Publisher". I also completed an internship at Amsterdam-based publishing house Xander Uitgevers. You can read about the publishing house on their website.

I am proficient in the following languages:

Prior Knowledge Not very proficient in coding and programming, but eager to learn. I'm very interested in the digital world and have always wanted to program my own videogame. I have worked with different Content Management Systems such as Wordpress, Wix and Jimdo, but rarely changed any code.
Expectations I expect to become more proficient in coding and finding fitting models for research as well as learning basics towards developing the aforementioned videogame.