Curriculum Vitae Naomi Remijn

Naomi Remijn


The moment I saw my fellow students drool as hard as I did, was the moment I realised I wanted to be in this programme. To clarify, a group of students for the minor Boek, Boekhandel en Uitgeverij got the chance to look at some pages from a Gutenberg Bible in the Museum of the Book in The Hague.

After living on a island in the south of the Netherlands for the first eighteen years of my life, I moved to Leiden to start my academic career in Linguistics, doing a bachelor at Leiden University. Soon I found that researching the letter 'h' in dead languages or the exact activated part of the brain in babies saying 'hi', wasn't my thing. I did finish the bachelor, with a thesis on politeness in students breaking up relationships. The minorprogramme Boek, Boekhandel en Uitgeverij gave me exactly what I was missing in Linguistics, finally focussing on the book as an object of study. For the minor I did a small placement with prof.dr. Hoftijzer, doing the first editing on a bookwalk through The Hague we created in class. This experience showed me that it was possible to use theoretical skills in a very practical manner, something I had been missing. Together with the minorprogramme I also started doing a premaster in Dutch literature, to further my knowledge on the contents of specifically Dutch books.

Experience and Skills

Working experience:


Prior Knowledge My technical knowledge is mostly limited to the basic use of programmes for statistical use. I have had to work with both SPSS and an online version of the programme R. Other than the basic use of Word and Excel, my technical knowledge sadly does not extend much further than that.
Expectations Being able to use different programming applications, using for example HTML like we used for these pages, would allow me to actually create and understand online content and text.