Adele Pusiol

Book and Digital Media Studies

Hello! My name is Adele and I am from Italy.

I've spent half of my life in Cossato - a small town somewhere between Turin and Milan - and the other half between Milan and Bologna, before eventually settling in Purmerend, north of Amsterdam (for now...).

Compulsive book buyer, unstoppable cat cuddler, I am also an enthusiastic medievalist (and palaeographer), intrigued by the possibilities offered by new digital media to better understand the past and disseminate information and knowledge about it.

Educational Background

Since February 2017, I am enrolled in the Book and Digital Media Studies Master's programme at Leiden University. Before that, I got my BA in Cultural Heritage Studies (with a thesis in Medieval History) from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart of Milan, and then my MA in History Studies (with a thesis in Palaeography) from the University of Bologna. In addition to that, I got diplomas from the School of Archival Studies, Palaeography and Diplomatics at the State Archive of Bologna and from the Specialisation School for the Edition of Documentary Sources at the Historic Italian Institute for the Middle Ages.


I can speak (or, at least, read):

Previous Knowledge: During my studies, I had the opportunity to attend various classes about XML and programming for the Humanities. I fancy designing blog themes and web pages as well, and over time I've gained a fair (self-taught through numberless tutorials) knowledge of HTML and CSS.
Expectations: I hope the DTM course will help me improve my knowledge in the field of Digital Humanities, which would be super useful for what I'd like to be my career.