Sam Koster


Hi there!! My name is Sam, I'm 21 years old and I'm one of the BDMS-students of the 2017-18 class 😁 🎉 😁!
Before Book and Digital Media Studies, I did the History BA here in Leiden. My interest in book related subjects permeated my BA in many ways, from a paper on a late 18th century polemic putting Leiden under its spell to an editorial internship and an elective on books and text culture. Initially I wanted to fill my electives space with the BDMS-minor, but as said decided otherwise.
When I started to seek for an MA program, I soon narrowed down my choice to either the History or BDMS MA in Leiden. Initially I was planning on going on with History. Yet when I thought my decision over, I concluded that my interest for books and book related matters was bigger than that for history. Hence I decided to apply for this program.

Prior knowledge

My current digital proficiency consists mostly out of moderate active knowledge of how to work with HTML, CSS and SQL/making and structuring databases. I also have knowledge of PHP and Javascript, yet it's merely passive.


My expectations and aims for the course Digital Media and Technology are to reinforce my digital knowledge mentioned above, and to further extend it.


2017-2018: MA BDMS; Leiden University, Leiden
2014-2017: BA Geschiedenis; Leiden University, Leiden
2008-2014: VWO; Scala College; Alphen a.d. Rijn

Language proficiency

Dutch: Native speaker
English: Full working proficiency
German: Advanced working proficiency

Click here for the XML-file & XSLT-file of assignment 2a.
The resulting HTML-page can be found here!