Khrystyna Kernytska

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Привіт! My name is Khrystyna. I was born and raised in Ukraine, where in 2012 I finished my bachelor and master degree in Documentation and Informational activity in National University Lviv Polytechnic. I live and work in modern almost futuristic city of Rotterdam. I am a bit old-fashioned book lover and traveller. I have travelled extensively in Ukraine, America, India and Europe.

I like impossible people, climbing mountains, old book shops, museums/galleries and Victorian era. I struggle with the modern literature.

P.S. The photo is from the Indian wedding, and, yes, a very strange thing is on my head.


Prior Knowledge: Basic HTML knowledge from the previous degree. Expectations: I hope to obtain sufficient skills to use HTML and SQL (hopefully for work). Dream after this course: To be called a Digital Humanist some day soon!