Alexandros Gougousis


About me

Hi! My name is Alexandros (Alexis or Alex for short) and I was born in Thessaloniki,Greece. In 2013, I completed my bachelor's degree in the School of Business and Economics at the Alexander Technological Educational Institute of Thessaloniki with specialization in Library Science and Information Systems. After fulfiling my 9 month military service at the 2nd Paratrooper Squadron in Aspropirgos, I worked for 3 years as a promotions and special events supervisor.

In September of 2016 I moved to the Netherlands and I started at Leiden University by following courses of the bachelor programme in Film and Literary Studies, in order to be admitted in the Master programme of Book and Digital Media Studies in February 2017. During the summer period I did an internship at Koninklijke Brill where I was a member of the Applications and Data team, mainly working on MARC 21 metadata standards.

Language skills:

Technical skills

Prior Knowledge My knowledge derives from the last semester's specialization course Digital Text and Data Processing where I was given the opportunity to pursue in depth basic functions of Perl and R programming languages.
Expectations In the Digital Media Technology course, I expect to acquire insights about how contemporary technologies can be applied to the field of Humanities and enhance research purposes.