Curriculum Vitae - Pim Geenen

Pim Geenen

About Me

Hi everyone! My name is Pim Geenen and I am 25 years old. Born in Geldrop, in the south of the Netherlands, I am still a Brabander by heart. Four years ago I started studying History at the University of Leiden, so I had to move to the Randstad. Now, four years later, I am a proud citizen of Leiden and even decided to stay a little longer by doing the Book and Digital Media Studies Master here in this beautiful city.

Education and Interests

Bachelor's Degree

It goes without saying that History students read a lot of (old) books. After the first year, in which we had to learn about every time-period and place, I chose two specialisations: Antiquity and the Medieval Period. From this point onwards, basically all of my research was based on chronicles, annals and other primary sources from before the printing press. At this stage of my Bachelor programme I found out that, besides doing historical research, I also liked going to libraries to get all the books possible on my subject.

After four years I managed to graduate on a thesis about the role of religion in Byzantine foreign diplomacy, titled Taxis of Ataxia?. For the research I used two tenth-century primary sources, namely the De Ceremoniis and the De Administrando Imperio, both compiled by the Byzantine Emperor Constantine VII .


As you can probably guess, I have a big passion for history. Since I was young, I always prefered networks like Discovery Channel and National Geographic over Nickelodeon and the likes. Besides that I like to play video games in my spare time (who doesn't?), I even did the Game Studies and Cultural Analysis Minor in Leiden. That was a bit of a mistake, but I passed it nevertheless.

Like I mentioned before, books were a big part of my Bachelor programme. But even before I went to the University, I was confronted with them on a daily basis. My mother is a librarian in the public library in my small hometown of Asten, and because of this much of the conversations at the diner table revolved around the survival of the book. Now, a lot of years later, I am studying the problems my mother is encountering every day. And the best part about it, I think it is exciting to do!

Skills and Expectations

Relevant Experience



Prior knowledge I am the one in the family everyone turns to when they have problem with their computers. While I do know my fair share of software related problems and possibilities, I never was one for the hardware and programming part of the story.
Expectations I have always seen programming and coding as the next steps in my computer skills learning arc, but unfortunately never had the chance and possibility to learn more about it. Since I was very (read: extremely) bad at mathematics, enrolling for an IT Bachelor was out of the question and that is why I followed my passion and started studying History. This course gives me a chance to finally come into contact with IT from a Jip en Janneke perspective and starting point, so I hope, and expect, to learn a lot!