Curriculum Vitae Erik-Jan Dros

My name is Erik-Jan Dros and I'm 25 years old. Currently I'm living in Leiden, in the Langebrug, but originally I'm from Schoonhoven, a little down in South Holland.


Before starting with the Book and Digital Media studies I studied History. I followed both the bachelor as the master in Leiden, during which I was mainly focussing on the Burgundic and Habsburg Netherlands during the 15th century. At this moment I am writing my masterthesis on the accounts of the States of Holland at the end of the 15th century.

During my History master a friend told me about the BDMS master and during my second semester I followed the course History of the Book I extracurricular. I liked the course so much, that I decided to follow the complete mastertrack.


Next to my interest for books and medieval and early modern history I like reading about classical literature, history and culture. Before starting with the History bachelor, I had followed the first years of the Greek and Latin Language and Culture bachelor. During this one years studying classics I became very active in the two student associations in the department, being part of the boards of both associations and being active in multiple committees, such as the website committee.


Prior Knowledge When I was active in the website committe of the student association of the classics department, I have learned some very basic elements of HTML.
Expectation These skills were above all passive: I did know what I had to do, but I didn't know exactly what I did. During this course I not only hope to learn how these programmes work, but moreover to understand what happens within these programmes.