Lucy Drew

Personal Info

Hi, my name is Lucy Drew, and I am from Sydney, Australia. I attended The University of Sydney for my undergraduate degree in English Literature and History, and I graduated in 2016. During my bachelor's I did an exchange semester in the United States, at the University of Texas at Austin. After looking into master's programmes at various locales, I decided Leiden University's Media Studies Master's in Book and Digital Media was the perfect fit for me. The programme's unique focus on both the historical aspect of the book, as well as digital technology and media, particularly appealed to me.

This past summer I completed an internship at IOS Press, an academic publishing house that specalizes in scientific, technical, and medical books and journals.

I would like to master a variety of languages including:

Prior Knowledge Last semester I took a specialization course in Digital Text and Data Processing, where I was introduced to Perl and R.
Expectations I hope to learn the basics of XML, TEI, XSLT, SQL and ERM. I expect to gain a greater understanding of how the data we access in the Digital Humanities is formatted and arranged.