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Hello and welcome to my web page!

My name is Antonia Dalivalleo, I am 23 and I study an MA in Digital Archaeology and Museum Studies at Leiden and I come from Leiden's English twin town Oxford :) I have a BA in History of Art with Material Studies from University College London ="https://www.ucl.ac.uk/"> University College London.

Here I learnt about the theory and practice of fine art conservation - like learning how to be a doctor for artworks in a way!

What languages do I know?

Studying Digital Media Technology is super useful to me as I am looking at the concept of accessibility in relation to digitisation efforts in museums as my MA thesis!

width = "100%">
width="20%">Prior Knowledge Coding archaeological simulations as part of my MA
Currently learning about data acquisition techniques as part of my MA!
width="20%"> Expectations To get a practical insight into digital methods of making documents clearer and organising them in a way that makes them more accessible to the general public,