Charlotte Boelens

Charlotte Boelens

Personal Bio

I have always been hooked on books and art. When the time came to choose a bachelor course, there was some doubt between philosophy and art history, but the latter won in the end. During the summer of 2017 I finished my bachelor in Art History at the Leiden University. During 2015/2016 I enjoyed the minor Boek, Boekhandel en Uitgeverij. These courses convinced me that I should do a master degree where I could combine my love for both text and image. Thus the choice fell upon Book and Digital Media Studies. During the minor I had the opportunity to do a short internship at the Special Collections department of the Leiden University Library.

As a student I have always looked outside of the classroom for other activities to broaden my knowledge and (work)experience. Most notably I have worked at Café De Bonte Koe in Leiden for almost five years. Furthermore I have always had an active role in the student house I lived at and my student society. My experiences as student manager of the building and several student committees have encouraged me to organise big events such as:

Skills and Experiences

I have had the privilege to live abroad while I was growing up. Because of this traveling has always been a great hobby and I am multilingual. This has resulted in the following language levels:
Prior Knowledge Microsoft Office - Experienced
InDesign - Intermediate
Expectations From this master programme I hope to learn more practical skills about text in all its forms and gain an indepth knowledge of bookhistory which I hope to apply to other fields of my interest such as art.