Personal Info

My name is Danae and I am 25 years old. I come from Greece, and was born and raised in Thessaloniki. I finished my undergraduate studies in English Language and Literature at the Aristotle University in 2015, and later had an internship at the university library.

Even though I am greatly interested in literature and literary studies, I decided to pursue the Book and Digital Media Studies MA program at Leiden University, because I wanted to study the book as a physical object, as well as acquire some more practical skills in the Digital Humanities field.

Languages and Skills

I can talk and write in the following languages:

Prior Knowledge Last semester I attended the DTDP course, where I got familiar with Perl and R programming languages. I also have some basic knowledge of HTML, after practicing a bit on my own.
Expectations In this course, I expect to become more proficient with programmes like HTML and XML and understand how they actually work. In the end of the semester, I wish to be able to make use of such programmes on my own, for personal or professional purposes.