Bob Schofield

Hi there, I'm Bob.

I'm an author and illustrator from New Orleans, Louisiana. I make things with words and pictures like The Inevitable June, Moon Facts, and Man Bites Cloud.

I recieved a B.A. in English Literature from Tulane University, which was great except for that one time the whole city flooded during my Freshman orientation.

I'm hoping things go smoother this time.

For fun I write. I draw. I read and read and then maybe do that some more. I like words, pictures, and what happens when the two get smushed together. I've spent an embarrassing amount of time in my head pruning a weird garden of daydreams. I play video games and avoid the sun and have a mild book-buying addiction. My favorites are used ones that kind of smell bad, with yellowed pages and some stranger person's notes hanging in the margins like vampire bats.

I believe people largely undervalue imagination. And that reading is one of the best ways a person can learn empathy.

I like when the sky is absolutely clear except for a single really impressive cloud.

In my next life I hope to come back as a whale or beautiful tree.


Prior Knowledge:

I know a little HTML and CSS from running a webcomic through Wordpress. I also made a hypertext video game using the program Twine. In both cases I taught myself, using a combination of W3 and Youtube. In short, I'm not Mr. Robot, but this isn't completely foreign to me either.


I'm hoping this course expands the little I already know about coding and digital technologies. A wider knowledge base in these areas would be incredibly useful for me, not just as a cherry atop my CV, but in my own personal creative work as well.