Helène Pannekoek

A brief summary


I was born in 1992 in Epe. I always loved to read and I enjoy going to the cinema. I also like volunteering, which I will describe in the next paragraph. I studied at Utrecht University , where I started my BA in Enlish Language and Literature. After this, I started working at a customer service center. I have decided to go back to college in Leiden with the goal of obtaining my MA degree in Book and Digital Media Studies.


Chair of Stichting Wombat I worked closely with all members of this foundation to organise various activities for the residents of the Warande in Zeist.

Secretary of the Resident's Association of WarandeThe Resident's Board was responsible for the various committees, such as the sports committee and Stichting Wombat. We also organised the annual barbecue and we kept in touch with the boards of other student housing associations in Utrecht under supervision of BoKS. We dealth with concerns towards and questions to SSH on behalf of our residents, both student houses and social housing.

Secretary of the Introduction Committee I was responsible for the organisation of the official introduction week of English Language and Culture at Utrecht University. Together with three other team members and a group of enthousiastic students, we introduced the new students to the city, the department, and the programme.

Secretary of the Activities Committee The activities committee of our student association, Albion, organised many activities throughout the year, such as a pubquiz and a trip to the Charles Dickens' Festival in Deventer.

Provider of first aid in Utrecht I regularly assisted at large events, such as the soccer matches of FC Utrecht, the Tour de France, and food truck festivals.


Prior knowledgeLimited knowledge of HTML, some experience with metadata.
ExpectationsI expect to learn how information and texts are handled in the digital world.

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