CV Lotte Oudejans

An Introduction to Me

Hello world! My name is Lotte Oudejans, which is probably a bad way to start because your anonymity is everything on the internet at least that's what my mother tells me. It's how you keep the trolls away. I was born in Halfweg, a little town right in between Haarlem and Amsterdam, hence the name Halfway. I was born on the 2nd of November in the year 1994, which means I'm 21 years old (for two more months at least). I just finished my bachelor's in Film and Literary studies in Leiden. I still have no idea what literature actually is, but if you want to talk about Freud's Oedipus Complex I'm the one for you. Literary scholar's do love their Freud! In my spare time I love to read or waste my time watching Netflix. I have a passion for writing and hope to one day be a published author. Don't expect some complicated literary masterpiece. Children's books are more up my alley.



Prior Knowledge My prior knowledge is very basic. My brother is a software engineer so I understand the principles behind programming I've just never taken the time to actually learn.
Expectations I hope to learn more about the impact digital media has on our world. But as a writer what I'm most curious about is the new possibilities digital media has to offer.