Hoi, My name is Cornalijn Meinders and I am 23 years old. Besides my passion for history I'm interested in photography and reading (like most people in this master program). I was born and raised in a small city nearby Leiden namely, Sassenheim.


I finished my VWO in 2012 at Rijnlands Lyceum Sassenheim. After that I started at Leiden University with my bachelor in History ,after a broad first year I specialist in Ancient History (Greek and Roman History). In my fourth year I studied abroad at the University of Rome, La Sapienza , where I took courses about Roman History/ Art History and Archeology . In August I finished my thesis on beauty standards in Roman Egyptian funerary portraits.

Additional activities

During my bachelor I was active in a number of comities from my student association and the University, for example the activity committee and the OLC for History. Besides that I wrote some articles/ columns for the magazine from the student association and for a platform which is called Jonge Historici, most of these articles I wrote during my time abroad so they all have something to do with Rome or Italy.


DMT course

Prior Knowledge I would say that I have basic knowledge about computers, I can work with windows but that’s basically it. But I am eager to learn more!
Expectations I am not really sure what I want to learn in the DMT course. However more technical skills would be nice because it is something that fascinates me, you can make something out of nothing.