Amber Malik


Good afternoon (or evening or morning, whatever time it is from where you are reading this).

My name is Amber Malik and I am 24 years of age. Born and raised in Amsterdam, this city is where I happen to have completed my BA in Media and Culture as well. I primarily focused on Digital Media (the two other options were Film and Television), and completed a minor in Journalism as well.

I particularly enjoy writing, whether that is fiction or non-fiction, product descriptions or in-depth interviews, or a short blog versus a long (attempt at) a novel. To put this love to practice, I interned at CJP Magazine for three months and have worked as a writer for the website Mrs. Mokum for over two years now. In my free time, I like to pretend I am writing a novel (though it is not nearly going as well as I would like it to). Of course (as you may have noticed), I like to dye my hair often, visit the city of London as frequently as I can and like to go out dancing when I have the time.

Languages I speak

Prior Knowledge Currently, I know the basics of html (though never having had to guts to build a website from scratch). However, I've always wished I would become better at coding than I currently am.
Expectations During Digital Media Technology, I expect (or rather, hope) to learn more about the technicalaties of what goes on beyond a layout. The design has always interested me more than the coding, but only because of my prior knowledge. I am excited to see where this course takes me!