Pleuni van Laarhoven


Hiya! I'm Pleuni van Laarhoven, 22 years old and addicted to gummy bears. I graduated in 2015 in Utrecht from the BA English Language and Culture, with a Minor in Culture, Communication and Mediastudies. During this Minor - and a few other courses such as: Creative Writing, English-Dutch Translation, and International Journalism - I realised that I wanted to explore my interests in digital media further. Since I wasn't quite sure which MA programme suited me best, I decided to apply for an internship to gain more work experience.

After my graduation I spent an entire year as an intern at Improve Your Business English, a company specialised at training professionals to improve their English proficiency. My job was to write blogposts, manage the social media accounts, and to edit and compile e-books and other training materials. During my time at IYBE I decided that there was so much more I wanted to learn and that's how I ended up here.


Technical skills

Prior Knowledge Although I have worked with WordPress before and am capable of using the basic computer tools such as Microsoft Office, there is still much, much more to learn.
Expectations I hope to learn more about the different types of code, how to use them, and when it's preferable to use one instead of the other.