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Emily Klerks

Hello, my name is Emily and I'm a student at the master programme Media Technology. I come from Nieuw Vennep, which is a town near Leiden and Schiphol, and have been living in Leiden for the past 4 years. I very much enjoy living in Leiden and spend a lot of time at my student's association Prometheus.

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Educational background

I have an undergraduate degree in Classics. I still have an interest in Greek and Latin, but after my bachelor I decided to enroll for a master's program called Media Technology, because I had an interest in computers and technology as well. I follow the course Digital Media Technology as an elective. From the name you might think it's almost the same thing as my master, but in my master's curriculum there is no course about digital text. I'm interested in language and text and digital implementations of this, so I think this will be a great course for me to follow as an elective.



Technical skills and expectations

Prior Knowledge

I have some experience with programming in Java and Javascript. I know more or less how SQL and PHP work as well, but I'm not very experienced in working with servers and databases. I mostly used Javascript and Jave to make little games.


From the Digital Media Technology course, I hope to get more insight in what technologies are useful for doing interesting things with digital texts.