Eva de Jonge


Hello everyone! My name is Eva de Jonge and I'm 24 years old. I have been studying the bachelor Film and Literary Studies at the University of Leiden, with a specialisation in Literary Studies. During my third year, I have followed the minor Boek, boekhandel en uitgeverij. I just ended an internship at Overamstel Publishers, and at the moment I am a member of the promotion team of Storm Publishers. My special interest goes out to the world of the book. That's why I started with the master Book and Digital Media Studies.

This is a link to the website of Leiden University.

My interests

I have always been interested in books, the physical appearance as well as the content of them. I especially fell in love with old manuscripts during my minor (Boek, boekhandel en uitgeverij).

In my free time I like to read (a lot), watch movies and series, write and travel.

Language skills

My technical skills

Prior knowledge: I have no prior knowledge about digital media or programming. I only worked a little bit with InDesign.
Expectations: I hope to learn and understand the basics of programming and coding and their use in the world of digital media.