Natalie Hoage


Hey there- I am from sunny and dry California, however, for the past three years I have been living abroad in various locals.

I attended UC Berkeley for my undergraduate degree in English Literature. After Berkeley, I spent over a year in New Zealand studying, working, and traveling. Consequently, I prefer a tramping vactaion to any other.

I started at Leiden University last year mostly taking Philosophy courses. After taking Digtial Text and Data Processing in the Media Studies program by chance, I decided to enroll in the full Masters degree. I really enjoy the mesh of theory and practice and could easily see myself working on creative and theoretical projects in the future.

I would like to master a variety of languages including:

Prior Knowledge I've been introduced to code in DTDP by mostly using Perl and R.
Expectations In the Digital Media Technology course, I expect to learn how the data we access in the Digital Humanities is formatted and organized