Lisette Grimmius

Hi! My name is Lisette Grimmius and I was born in Leiden on 16 September 1992. I studied German language and culture at the University of Groningen. Soon I realised that I was mostly interested in literature, which is why I took courses on both German and English literature when I studied abroad at the University of Münster. After graduating in January 2016 I decided to come back to Leiden to study Book and Digital Media Studies. I'm very interested in publishing and editing processes and have not had the chance to delve into the world of texts from this angle just yet.

When I'm not studying I work for a web shop as a text writer and translator (English to Dutch), which has been an interesting experience as I've been able to combine my job with my love for writing. Writing is, without a doubt, my favourite thing to do. When I was seven years old I gave up on my dream of becoming Britney Spears in order to become a writer and, seeing as seven year old me never came up with a third (and more realistic) plan for the future, I still write short stories and blog posts whenever I can. Aside from that I'm an avid reader (who will quote anything by Oscar Wilde at you when at a loss for words) and I can spend hours watching British comedy and detective series.

Languages I speak:

Technical Skills:

Prior Knowledge:I know how to do very basic HTML coding (tags like those for italics, bold texts and paragraphs).
Expectations:I hope to learn the basics of various coding languages and to gain an understanding of the value of different kinds of coding languages when it comes to the publishing industry.