CV Marianne Florijn


My name is Marianne Florijn, and I am 22 years old. I was born in Scherpenzeel, which is a small village near Utrecht. I currently work as an assistant-publisher at Uitgeverij Mozaiek (an imprint of Boekencentrum Uitgeverijen). My most recent project is 's Nachts droom ik van vrede: Carry's Diary. This is a Rotterdam war-time diary, written by Carry Ulreich. This is one of the largest projects I have ever worked on, and it is still very much in process. Mozaiek wanted me to do this specific MA, and therefore I have less authors than usual at the moment.

Before working at Mozaiek, I studied English Language and Culture, as well as Comparative Literature. Most of my papers concerned Victorian Literature, especially focusing of the utopian role of the city before the Industrial Revolution, and the dystopian role of the city in later literature.

In my spare time I like to watch weird old movies, and eat pizza. The less plot the movie has, the better the pizza gets. Seriously.

I am fluent in the following languages:

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Prior Knowledge Expectations
None I hope to gain insight in the codes that form digital media