Anne van Engelen

Hi, my name is Anne van Engelen, and I was born on 24 September 1992, which makes me 23 as I write this, but not for much longer. Up until recently I've pretty much always lived in the Utrecht area, but I've moved to Leiden as I do not like trains quite enough to be spending as many hours in them each day as I would have to if I were to commute.

Once upon a time I started my higher education by going to Utrecht School of the Arts, or de Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (my faculty, ironically, not being located in Utrecht but rather in Hilversum, where whatever film magic we might have in the Netherlands happens), to study audiovisual media, with the ambition of becoming a film editor. Two years into this study, however, I decided that I did not, after all, wish to spend the rest of my life on editing film, and decided to throw myself onto my other passion: Literature. Therefore, I switched to Utrecht University to study English Literature and Culture instead, which I've finished as of July 2016.


Prior knowledge I have had a number of courses that featured an introduction into HTML, which means that I have the basics down by now, but am not able to do anything overly complicated. Apart from that I did a minor in Digital Humanities, which provided me with an introduction into XML, SQL, Python and several DH tools, including some which had me work on the command line. All of my experience is that of a beginner, though, so it's more that I have an idea of what the possibilities and limitations are than anything else.
Expectations I feel like most of this course will add to or overlap with that which I have already been doing within my minor, but I also feel like it might be useful to refresh my mind. Beside that, several of the subjects we'll be studying I have not been introduced in. I hope to gain more insight into the possibilities of digital methods, specifically within our field.