CV Mariska Elst

My name is Mariska Elst, I'm 26 years old and currently working at Overamstel Uitgevers in Amsterdam as a PR manager. I was born in Amsterdam on the 22th of May, 1990 and have moved around a lot before settling in Badhoevedorp. I've just finished my Bachelor English Language and Culture at the University of Amsterdam.

My thesis was on Kant's notion of the sublime, Just War theory and David Finkel's The good soldiers. As war literature and philosophy were two of my favorite electives, I had a lot of fun writing the thesis.

In my free time I love to catch a game of baseball in Amsterdam, play the guitar and spend time with my friends and family. On Sundays I can usually be found at the shooting range because I teach archery there and practise before and after class for a couple of hours.

These are the languages I speak:

Prior Knowledge None
Expectations I expect to gain an understanding of how basic coding systems or languages work and how datasystems operate.