Katya Dmitrieva

Book and Digital Media Student

Katya Dmitrieva

About me

In Russia I received fundamental education in linguistics at Moscow State University for the Humanities (mggu-sh.ru). During my studies I covered contrastive and comparative linguistics, international communications, stylistics, English lexicology and phonetics.

My life has always been somehow intertwined with books. Since childhood I was a passionate reader and even accumulated a beginners library comprising my favourites. During teenage years, magazines became my new obsession, I was gulping Vogue, People, National Geographic since I was 14. Step by step, I realised that publishing business is my life. That is why I had no hesitation choosing the major when browsing through the University of Leiden programs.

In Moscow I was part of Conde Nast International (condenastinternational.com) publishing house, and also organised Conde Nast Digital Day conference in 2015 and 2016.



Prior Knowledge

Adobe Illustrator, Adibe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop CS2, Coral Draw 12, Final Cut Pro X.


I believe that the Book and Media Studies program will be a perfect chance to expand and deepen the knowledge I already have in the area of book and magazine publishing.

Today publishing business is facing a burning problem of print-to-digital transition, so to find or contribute to a possible solution, I know I need a comprehensive research of all possible sources from first manuscripts to the World Wide Web data.