Curriculum Vitae

Linda Boutellier

About me

Hi! My name is Linda Boutellier and I'm 20 years old. I was born in Haarlem and grew up in a small village nearby. During my high school years I was very interested in languages and literature, which led me to studying English Language and Culture at Leiden University. I commuted for the first two years and then moved into my own studio in Leiden at the start of my third year. I graduated in August 2016 and decided to stay in Leiden to study Book and Digital Media Studies, because I loved the city and the programma seemed to be the perfect choice for me. It really appealed to me because of its unique focus on both the historical aspect of the book and digital media. I would love to end up working for a publishing house, preferably as an editor.

My hobbies include reading, drawing, catching up on the endless list of tv shows I want to watch, attempting to do yoga, and spending time with friends.


Prior Knowledge: I have seen and used only HTML a few times, so I have very minimal knowledge.
Expectations: I hope to be introduced to the basics of programming and learn how websites are built. I'd like to be able to present digital texts in different ways.